Custom Walls and Ceilings has been producing high performance, quality laminated gypsum panels since 1975.  A wide variety of styles, patterns and colors are available to suit any clients taste and space, with the option of specifying a custom vinyl or fabric.  Our complete line of trim accessories provides you with the tools you need to construct a wall that functions and performs as your client requires.

Quick and easy installation saves you and your client short term construction costs.  The time and costs of drywall finishing and wall covering are eliminated.  We will custom manufacture your order so you won’t be storing and monitoring inventory until a job develops.  Our demountable systems are relocatable, thereby reducing future reconstruction and remodeling costs when renovation is needed.  Low maintenance requirements mean long term savings for your client.  In most cases, the panels just clean up with soap and water.

We strive to provide you with superior cost-effective products and services.